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  1. RECOMMENDATION: adopt repolinter with a policy that omits checking the NOTICES and CoC email. Fix the rule for Azure pipelines and omit the SUPPORT file check and PR/Issues templates. Everything else in the default policy should be required.
    As an example, here is the lint of the hyperledger/abric repo:
    % as in this PR. Each repo would add the same repolint.json file and the CA team (or preferably CI) could periodically run a check to ensure projects are in compliance. Additionally, we should establish a template repository that has LICENSE, NOTICE, CoC and Security default files.

    $ npx repolinter ../hyperledger/fabric
    npx: installed 60 in 83.361s726s
    Target directory: /Users/cbf/dev/hyperledger/fabric
    Ruleset: ../../../.npm/_npx/28096/lib/node_modules/repolinter/rulesets/defaultrepolint.json
    Linguist Axiom: Linguist not found in path, only running language-independent rules
    Target directory: /Users/cbf/dev/hyperledger/fabric
    notice-file-exists: not found : (NOTICE*) The NOTICE file is described in section 4.4 of the Apache License version 2.0. Its presence is not mandated by the license itself, but by ASF policy.
    ✔ license-file-exists: found (LICENSE)
    ✔ readme-file-exists: found (
    ✔ contributing-file-exists: found (
    ✔ code-of-conduct-file-exists: found (
    ✔ changelog-file-exists: found (
    ✔ security-file-exists: found (
    support-file-exists: not found: ({docs/,.github/,}SUPPORT*)
    ✔ readme-references-license: File contains license
    ✔ binaries-not-present: Excluded file type doesn't exist (**/*.exe,**/*.dll,!node_modules/**)
    ✔ test-directory-exists: found (test-pyramid.png)
    integrates-with-ci: not found : (.gitlab-ci.yml, .travis.yml, appveyor.yml, .appveyor.yml, circle.yml, .circleci/config.yml, Jenkinsfile, .drone.yml, .github/workflows/*, azure-pipelinestrigger.yml)
    code-of-conduct-file-contains-email: File doesn't contain email address
    github-issue-template-exists: not found: (ISSUE_TEMPLATE*, .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE*)
    ✔ github-pull-request-template-exists: found (.github/
    ✔ license-detectable-by-licensee: Licensee identified the license for project: Apache-2.0