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You are also welcome to help us improve these resources by contributing a new presentation or by translating one of these presentations into another language. If you are interested in helping improve these presentations, post on the Hyperledger discuss list.

Presentations in English

Good Introductory and Overview Slides

  • The Hyperledger Vision (Google Slides) – This presentation covers Blockchain 101, About Hyperledger, Industry Use Cases

  • Hyperledger Overview (Google Slides) – This presentation provides information about how the Hyperledger project and community is organized

    Mid-Year 2019
  • Getting Involved with Hyperledger (Google Slides) – This presentation covers information about why people may want to contribute to Hyperledger and how to do so
  • 2020 Hyperledger Update (Google Slides) – This presentation provides the latest community and project news to keep your group members up to date on what is happening.