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  • Main Identity WG
  • Hyperledger Indy
    • Indy is not going away, but is being resized and will continue to have a rust library and wrappers for everyone to use.  However, some Indy code / functionality is migrating over to Aries.
  • Indy Semantics WG
    • No meeting this week
  • Hyperledger Aries
    • Morning call focused on divisions of functionality and how some of Indy code migrates to Aries
    • Afternoon call
      • Focused on the states of the various DID working groups 
      • Discussed a proposal for whether DIDs should be Sovrin-based or use https, GitHub, etc.
      • Will continue the DIDs proposal in next week's call
  • Hyperledger Ursa
    • Open PRs for AnonCreds 2.  Getting close to completion
    • Currently builds a package on Ubuntu
  • Sovrin Network updates and extensions
    • Builder net went down with a bug, but a resolution has been issued quickly
    • Working on an automated to automate on boarding.  Links will be published in the near future.
    • MainNet requires previously signing the appropriate legal agreements, so automating it is more difficult
    • Lawyers are working on expanded legal agreements for government organizations 
  • Sovrin Governance Frameworks and Trust Architecture
    • Revising the legal documents to anticipate government usage and consumption
    • Resolving issues, so that the documents address the needs of governments, large organizations, and small organizations
    • https://sovrin.org/governance-framework/
  • W3C Verifiable Credentials and DID updates
    • Last meeting held on Tues.  Main document is open for viewing and voting

    • Use Case, Test Suite, documents will be wrapped up this week
    • Next DID WG meeting to be held next week in Japan – expecting ~80 attendees
  • Interop and External updates (Dmitri Zagidulin
  • Rebooting Web of Trust (Daniel Hardman)
    • Quite a bit of interest in the concept of 'agents'
    • Hubs are focused on data management and Agents are focused on performing actions on behalf of an owner
    • Threat modeling for verifiable credentials (all kinds)
    • Paper:  Alice Abuses Her Credential
  • Invite to Identity WG Main Call (Vipin Bharathan)
    • Discussion on migrating from WG calls to Task Forces
      • Goal:  disseminate information or perform work?

Topics for upcoming discussions