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This page documents all of the things we ask of third party security auditors when bidding and contracting for an independent review of Hyperledger projects.


  • Static and hand analysis of sensitive areas of the code, specifically the code that interacts with cryptography libraries, network interfaces, and the file system.
  • Fuzzing of both network API's and library API's.
  • Static analysis and best practice enforcement with a linter over the entire code base.
  • Malicious node attacks on the network.


  • Dependency checks looking for known vulnerabilities and/or updates.
  • License audit to ensure all dependency licenses are properly followed.

Other Criteria

  • Early reporting of issues as they are found by the auditing team so that fixes can be made in parallel.
  • The team conducting the audit also has the capability to do PCI/GDPR/HIPPA/etc compliance auditing that we can offer to integrators building applications.
  • A written report with detailed analysis.