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  • BC Gov is interested in formally collaborating with groups with working Mobile Agents. Expected signing of MOU by August 6, 2019 
    • From the #aries channel: The folks from the BC gov VON (https://vonx.io) team, would like to share an opportunity with members of open communities to work with us to do some focused collaboration around mobile agent, Aries agents and aries-cloudagent-python interoperability. We have a pilot production service planned for a significant professional accreditation organization within our province coming up in the fall. This pilot has a requirement for mobile agents to be able to hold and offer verifiable credentials issued and verified by services operating instances of aries-cloudagent-python. Details are in this Open Collaboration MOU: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GPZ4p4zM36AN3DcHJ13s_IisSrT4F3S0 
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