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4.4.1 Description of Environment (brief)

4.4.2 Use Case



Primary Actor<

Supporting Actors<

Use Case: Name <Enter Use Case name here>

The use case should be labeled so that it immediately describes the purpose of the use case. Usually, VERB/NOUN is sufficient. 

Description<Enter description here>

Briefly describe this use case:  

 High Level Summary

Low level Summary

Primary Actor<List the Primary actor here>

List the Actor who’s goal is being satisfied by this Use Case and has the primary interest in the outcome of this Use Case. Identify who the main individuals and systems involved in the use case are going to be. Any actor that is used in the use case’s flow of events must be named up front.

Supporting Actors<List supporting actors here>

<List the Actors who have a supporting role in helping the Primary Actor achieve his or her goal.

Stakeholders and Interests


Special Requirements



4.4.3 Recommendations

  • Identity, Interactions, Regulations and Governance

4.4.1 Description of Environment