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  • integrate Hive testing into CI/CD pipeline.
  • We should measure code coverage and make it a condition for merging a PR
  • benchmark metrics - sync time, block import time etc and test PRs for regression
    • some of these metrics (sync time, peering) may require long-running tests so may not be practical to run on individual PRs - could be on a nightly cadence
  • Ensure test coverage for key features eg bonsai
  • tests that run on mainnet config aren't testing upcoming hard fork features - to avoid finding bugs at the last minute, change this to holesky/sepolia (or make it configurable?)
  • burn-in on existing (synced) nodes vs syncing from scratch
    • backward sync is triggered when you upgrade
    • it would be awesome to make the (Consensys internal) burn-in process less manual.
  • don't want to make the release process more painful