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  1. It is preferable for you to start with a Jira issue before putting in significant effort.
    1. Get feedback on whether the community is interested in the feature.
    2. Solicit ideas on the best way to approach the implementation.
  2. Consider submitting a HIPE
    1. If the change impacts more than one project, then a Hyperledger Indy Project Enhancement needs to be discussed.
  3. Submit a Pull Request in GitHub with your architecture plan to the design folder of the repository you are changing.
    1. The architects and maintainers will give you feedback and suggestions when accepting the design.
    2. The design then becomes part of the developer documentation.
  4. Submit a Pull Request in GitHub with your changes.
    1. Sign your commit to provide an attestation of the DCO.
    2. Don't forget to update all relevant tests, changes to CI / CD, documentation, translations, etc.
  5. Wait
    1. CI will be run on your PR.
    2. Once CI passes, a maintainer will review your PR.
    3. If the maintainer asks for changes, you will need to respond.
    4. Once the maintainer is happy, the PR will be accepted and included in the next release.

Best practices when creating Pull Requests