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Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct


  • Dan Middleton
  • David Boswell
  • Alissa Worley
  • Karen Ottoni
  • Swetha Repakula
  • Saptarshi Choudhury




  • Discussion of draft survey questions and next steps
    • When we get answers back from the survey do we know what questions are being answered.  For example, for last year's TSC election with no women candidates, were women not nominating themselves because they didn't feel welcome?
    • Are there additional questions to add, such as what roles are people wanting to play in the community in the future?
    • There may be opportunities to combine questions or pare some down that don't give us actionable information
    • We want to do some more drafting on the survey before sharing it out with the rest of the community for feedback
    • Action item: Karen to take a pass at rewording and numbering questions based on this conversation
    • Action item: Dan to bring the survey up at next week's TSC meeting
  • Discussion of blog post
    • Discussion of photos to include in the post
    • Plan is to have survey and blog post go out together so timing will be tied to when survey is ready
    • Looks like the post is very close to being ready – some small changes needed, such as updating TSC data based on election results
    • Action item: Everyone is welcome to review the draft and make edits and comments
  • Discussion of how group participates in HGF 2020
    • Alissa mentions that they are planning to do a diversity and inclusion cocktail hour at the event and mentioned that they have a virtual reality program that helps people discover more about unconscious bias
    • Swetha mentioned what happened last year with Ambassadors being there to help answer questions and connect with people one on one
    • Action item: Keep this item on the agenda for next week and David will post question to the DCIWG mailing
  • Discussion of backlog items
    • We should start getting plans together for a chair election
    • In addition to the data collection of the survey, we should start thinking about recommendations we want to bring out to the community
  • Question about if scope of this group include geographic diversity
    • Action item: David to help Saptarshi use the group mailing list to start a thread about this


  • Chair election (Targeting <=3 months after inception)
  • A measurement plan to baseline the community.
  • Gender diversity and inclusion recommendations to the TSC.
  • Gender diversity and inclusion recommendations to Hyperledger Staff.
  • CHAOSS discussion 
  • Initiative Brainstorming (Dan Middleton / All)
    • Besides the community questionnaire, what more do we need for baselining the community?
    • How will we generate gender diversity and inclusion recommendations?
    • What other areas are people passionate about and can suggest actions for?
      • Are there technical recommendations? (Make first commits easier? Convert a one time contributor to a two time contributor? ...?)
      • Outreach to member companies and other companies "staffing" hyperledger projects?
  • What activities does this group want to do at Global Forum in March?  CFP deadline is coming up at end of September if we want to submit talk ideas