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  • Survey: Barbara Muscara has made the changes we went over in the last call. The survey is ready to be sent out.
  • How to create an LFID
    • Watch quick 1.5 min video

      1. Visit
      2. Select "I need to create a Linux Foundation ID"
      3. Choose username, add email and password. Do not use any of the social login links.
      4. Input your first and last name
      5. Click "create new account"
      6. Check your email and validate the account
      7. Save your username and password so you don't have to login again! Remember that your email address is not the same as your username

      Why do I need an LFID? This allows you to:

      -Browse through our mailing list history on

      -Edit and add content to our Social Impact SIG Wiki, while you can always view the wiki without logging in, if you want to make changes you'll need to login with your LFID username and password. Save them for both sites and you'll only log in once! Please add yourself to our Directory page, propose doing a presentation on our Community Presentations page, and use this as your own space for ideas and discussions!

  • Debate & Discussion: >>moved to next call
  • Miscellaneous: Share any comments, ideas, announcements, upcoming events.
    • Pradeep Pentakota shared this event happening soon: #NASSCOM_Foundation is searching for the best #social_innovations from across India. If you think your company has a tech based innovation that can help change the social fabric of India, apply now for the #NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum 2019 at Last day to apply is June 9th!
    • Matt Rosen will be at the Blockchain for Social Impact event June 10-11–anyone else? Reach out to Matt to meet in person
    • Any attending UN Blockchain for Impact event on June 4th? Please reach out to Karen and we'll see if we can meet at the end of the day.

Action items

  •  Karen Ottoniwill take final look at survey and discuss with Barbara Muscara on when to send it out
  •  Marc Liberati suggested we create a library page for useful documents, Caine Smith can you help with this?
  •  Anyone attending these blockchain+impact events please share and invite attendees you meet to join our SIG (see SIG main page for the mailing list, call etc) and also please share on the following call any useful takeaways, projects, insights with the group
  •  @Matt Rosen please upload your TraceRx presentation here SI - Community Presentations