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DescriptionHyperledger Bevel is an accelerator by which developers can consistently deploy production-ready distributed networks across public and private cloud providers.

Key Characteristics

  1. Design for security: Keys and other credentials are not stored in source, configuration files, environment variables, or filesystems.
  2. Modular Design: To provide an “enterprise” version, we should ensure that we are providing interfaces for modules where we might want to plug in a different component.
  3. Conform to DLT Reference Architecture: When making decisions, conform to Accenture’s DLT Reference Architecture non-functional requirements, and principles.
  4. Open Source Components: Ensure that we are using open source licensed products in our solution so that it may be contributed to Hyperledger, favouring Apache 2.0 licensed components
  5. Infrastructure Independent: Choose tools and components that do not limit lock-in to an infrastructure configuration or cloud provider


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Questions are welcome and best asked in Hyperledger Discord.  Learn more about Hyperledger Discord here, get the invite and check out the Bevel project channels.  


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