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Hyperledger Fabric


This project is Active. The quarterly TSC project report is here.


Fabric is an implementation of blockchain technology, leveraging familiar and proven technologies. It is a modular architecture allowing pluggable implementations of various functions. It features powerful container technology to host any mainstream language for smart contracts development.

Key Characteristics

High-performance, secure, permissioned blockchain network. Code written in Go, chaincode (smart contracts) in Go or Java, SDKs in Node.js, Java, Go, and Python.


Project Management




Mailing List

Rocket Chat

  • RocketChat - Slack alternative - note as with other tools, you will need a Linux Foundation ID to login to our Rocket Chat instance. We will be looking to migrate content from Slack, first we need to do some preliminary testing, but we think we can import the historical Slack chats.
  • RocketChat Channels guide to which channels you want to follow


  • Discussions are conducted on the (see above) mailing list and in Rocket Chat, to allow for community-wide participation.
  • Scrums take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 AM EST. Join the #fabric-scrum channel.
  • Playbacks are conducted for contributers to show regular progress and get feedback from the community. agenda and dates can be found here.


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