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Cello Analytics


This project is in Incubation


Cello Analytics helps provide analytics services for blockchain platforms, which is an important feature for Cello.

Key Characteristics include:

  • Collect logs/events from blockchains
  • Parse those logs/events automatically with statistic results in interactive graphs
  • Deep analytics to explore potential abnormality and root cause


Project Management

We are using Jira to track the tasks, feel free to create new issues or pick one to fix.



Mailing List


For questions and ephemeral discussions, pls join #cello. You can find previous history at slack archive.


New contributors are welcome, please feel free to contact us to join.

Name LF ID Email Orgnization
Baohua Yang baohua IBM
Haitao Yue hightall IBM
Makoto Takemiya Soramitsu
Zhipeng Huang zhipengh Huawei
Ryan Beck-Buysse Intel
Kai Chen grapebaba IBM
Feihu Jiang flyingtiger Huawei


Adoption cases are welcome, free free to update if you are using the project.

Organization Since When Project & Usage Feedbacks Contact Info
IBM Research May, 2016 Cloud, fabric cluster management
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