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Hyperledger Burrow

Burrow is a permissively licensed (Apache 2.0) EVM smart contract machine and Byzantine Fault Tolerant permissioned ledger that uses Tendermint consensus and implements some novel extensions to the EVM whilst remaining EVM-compliant. It provides EVM execution within the Ethereum account model and an internal token to meter computation in the permissioned setting with transactions finality.

Burrow was approved for incubation on the 6th of April 2017 by the Hyperledger TSC.

Burrow has approximately two aims:

  • To be a fast, light, lean single-process full Tendermint/EVM permissioned ledger with transaction finality
  • To provide a practical base for EVM extensions in a many-chain world

Burrow is not trying to be:

  • Highly pluggable (see Sawtooth or Fabric)
  • Hard to deploy

Burrow is named after the trans-dimensional intergalactic tubules used by marmots to communicate.


For previous versions of standalone Burrow you can find:

We intend to provide docker images on the Hyperledger Burrow docker repo and to release multi-platform binaries using github releases, but this will happen after the Hypermarmot release (see roadmap below).


Burrow's repository is on github here:

Our other 'soft' dependency for the time being is the 'monax' tool: which itself orchestrates other dependencies:

It is possible to use Burrow without these tools talking directly to our RPC layers and signing your own transactions, but is more involved.

See the roadmap section from the steps being taken to improve upon this.


Please fork, branch, and make pull requests to the develop branch.

Our build, CI, and testing process is executed via our Makefile, see the comments there for details.


The Burrow mailing list can be found here, you can also seek help in the rocket chat room.

Quarterly updates




Burrow is in a period of transition during which we are refining the core code base while simplifying and reducing the surface area of our supporting tooling (see this mailing list post for more information). This does mean our documentation, which has been significant, is fragmented and some of it is out of date.

Documentation on is still useful but is being sunsetted and may be out of date (previous versions of Monax and Burrow are still available though).

Future Direction and Roadmap

Burrow still finding its place in the Hyperledger family. We are in the process of improving the core code quality on the one hand and condensing the set of tools into a more maintainable bundle focused on operations rather than developer experience or pedagogy. For some context and the future direction see this mailing post on the future direction of Burrow.


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