Welcome and Opening Statements

Meeting recordings/transcript

In attendance:

  • Rich Bloch 
  • Deniz
  • Erika Beerbower
  • Jeff Stollman
  • Jerome
  • Joe Guargliardo
  • Kenneth Jensen
  • Kumaravel Natarajan
  • nisarg
  • Patricia Buendia
  • Ray Chan
  • shinzi satou
  • Wendy Charles (recording)
  • Zaki Alam


  • If you’re new to the group, please…

    • Introduce yourself

    • Tell us where you're geographically located

    • Share with us your interests in healthcare in general, and blockchain technologies in specific

Erika Beerbower introduced herself. She described her background as a pharmacist and work for IBM

Community Announcements

  • Academic research engagement request for anyone with active production-level blockchain technologies solutions

Michel Rauchs and Apolline Blandin at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance are developing the second edition of their Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study. HC-SIG members with live enterprise blockchain networks were encouraged to contact Michel or Apolline for inclusion in this important study

HC-SIG Subgroup Updates

  • Patient/Member Subgroup (Benjamin Djidi, Lead)

    • Benjamin handing over the leadership reigns to Deniz Coskun
    • A great opportunity to get involved in helping to set some new directions in this subgroup
  • Deniz Cozkun shared an updated about the patient subgroup. Ben Djidi will no longer be leading this subgroup to attend to other professional obligations.
  • Deniz shared that he was calling from Geneva, Switzerland on healthcare digitization projects, especially architecture. He has also been working as a management consultant with portfolio management.
  • Rich shared that he met Deniz at the HIMSS Conference and described Deniz’ involvement in the international Hyperledger community. Rich noted that Deniz could contribute to features that are not U.S.-centric.
  • Payer Subgroup (Raveesh Dewan, Lead)

  • Jeff Stollman shared that this group is working on the Blockchain selection framework. He said that this effort is not unique to healthcare and stands up to different use cases. He described a three tier model that asks three questions: 1) Is blockchain even a useful solution? 2) If blockchain might be appropriate, which blockchain model would be most appropriate? 3) Once you know which class of blockchain you want, which blockchain would be the best for the use case? He asked for help with obtaining a more diverse group.
  • Rich described a telecom with the HC-SIG where the size and expertise of the SIG could be better utilized.
  • Healthcare Interoperability Subgroup (Steven Elliott, Lead)

Steven Elliot couldn’t make the call this morning but provided an update about generating resources. FHIR was integrated into the Fabric technology and Steven will soon be presenting this update to the membership.

HC-SIG Ad Hoc Team Updates

  • Wiki Redesign Team (Raveesh Dewan, Lead)

    • Work continues on our SIG site design

    • Discussion: are you a Confluence expert... interested in joining this team?

Rich asked for volunteers to help with expertise in Confluence to redesign in the Wiki itself

  • Academic Research Team (Logan Wilding, Wendy Charles, Nisarg Amin, and Adrian Berg, Lead)

    • Logan's updated proposal to the team posted on 04/23, draft located here 
    • Original team whitepaper, currently in works, draft located here

    • Open team discussions remain:
      • Identify a succinct and comprehensive mission statement
      • Decide whether to remain an ad hoc team or consider forming an HC-SIG subgroup
  • Logan Wilding has been updating the proposal for the research team. This is an effort to identify resources and approaches to engage the academic community to create objective research in blockchain healthcare space.
  • Nisarg Amin shared that his company has been working with a few universities for machine learning and how the Intellectual Property will work. He suggested including an academic institution.
  • Rich explained that we need to jumpstart discussions again.
  • HC-SIG Use Case Development Team (Wendy Charles, Lead)

    • We are ready for a call among those interested in writing use cases for blockchain. I went through the HIMSS book, and it seems that the most requested use cases with the strongest value propositions are:

      • Drug Supply Chain Processing
      • Medical Device Track-and-Trace
      • Health Information Exchange
      • Provider Credentialing
      • Provider Directory
    • Also added an important academic article by Horst Treiblmaier to the Hyperledger Use Case Google Drive, located here. This article provides recommendations for writing solid blockchain case studies and use cases

    • Discussion: interested in joining this team?
  • Wendy Charles shared her vision of creating use cases that are meaningful and actionable.
  • She described by creating a framework and template.
  • Patricia Buendia shared that she is partnering with the Florida International University. She relayed the need to establish use cases for academics. She described increased interest from the NIH and pilot projects.
  • Nisarg asked how to best create use cases. Wendy responded that use cases originating from the group would follow a group format for consistency and would be representative of the Hyperledger HC-SIG.

Old Business

Rich and Wendy reminded the group about the academic literature resource available on the Wiki

  • Rich reminded about the opportunity to participate in the Healthcare Challenge Opportunities sponsored through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • Social Determinants of Healthcare Innovation Challenge: Phase I deadline 2019-06-07
  • Home Community Based Care Innovation Challenge: Phase I deadline 2019-06-07

New Business

  • Fernando Latorre of Conéctate Soluciones y Aplicaciones will present on their Universal Health Chain product.
  • Raveesh Dewan of Joget will present on developing a more visual way for building blockchain applications using Hyperledger Fabric and Joget.
    • 2019.06.28: Raveesh Dewan, CEO of Joget, Inc. (and lead of the HC-SIG Payer Subgroup) will present on the topic of developing a more visual way for building blockchain applications using Hyperledger Fabric and Joget.

  • Open Discussions (Rich)

    • Discussion: your thoughts on changes you'd like to see with the HC-SIG?

  • Nisarg shared that he is heading a telehealth start-up and asked for participation or collaboration. He said that his company is connecting wearables and telehealth. He described benefits to providers and patients. There was additional discussion about addressing needs of specific
  • Joe Guagliardo stated that he is teaching a four-course certificate for Jefferson University on Digital Health with introductions to blockchain, cryptography & platforms, legal issues, and specific projects hitting the main areas. He requested participation from the group as guest speakers to provide a tangible experience. Rich said he could send an email to the full membership to engage participants. Joe stated that this will be an online course and seeks participation from around the world.

Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for Friday, 2019.06.14, 0700 Pacific Time

  • Discussion: topics to add to agenda?


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