NameDescriptionStatusPoint of Contact
Supply Chain SIGThe Supply Chain Special Interest Group (SC-SIG) will be focused on applying distributed ledger technology in general, and Hyperledger technologies in particular, to supply chain track & trace, import/export, prevention of fake goods, customs, duties & tariffs.Looking for Initial Contributors & Application reviewMarta Piekarska
Telecommunications SIGThe Hyperledger Telecom Special Interest Group is focused on technical and business-level conversations about appropriate use cases for blockchain technology in the Telecom industry.Looking for Initial Contributors & Application reviewDavid Boswell
Capital Markets SIGDevelop a simple taxonomy of Capital Markets; first concentrating on the flow and fungibility of securities (bonds and stocks generalized to derivatives) ; issuance, trading, settlement, custody and corporate actions (payment of dividends, buy backs etc).Very Early stage. Looking for Initial Contributors & Application reviewVipin Bharathan