TitleX.509 Certificate Transparency using Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain


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The security of web communication via the SSL/TLS protocols relies on safe distributions of public keys associated with web domains in the form of X.509 certificates. Certificate authorities (CAs) are trusted third parties that issue these X.509 certificates. However, the CA ecosystem is fragile and prone to compromises. Starting with Google's Certificate Transparency project, a number of research works have recently looked at adding transparency for better CA accountability. 

Leveraging recent advances in blockchain development, we recently proposed a novel system, called CTB (Certificate Transparency using Blockchain), that makes it impossible for a CA to issue a certificate for a domain without obtaining consent from the domain owner (See https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/1232 for a copy of the paper).  A proof of concept implementation of CTB  is developed using Hyperledger Fabric. CTB works on top of the current certificate validation mechanism present in X.509-assisted SSL/TLS system. 

CTB proposes a Hyperledger Fabric (HF) network among the member certification authorities by requiring each certificate authorities to play the role of endorsing peers and they belongs to different organisations (orgs in HF vocabulary).  An organisation, representing internet browsers, is also created. 

The aim of this project is to scale up the existing proof-of-concept implementation through several stages:

  1. Development of client application for Certificate Authority organisation and Browser organisation facilitating access to the underlying fabric blockchain network.
  2. Setting up the CTB over cloud.
  3. Chrome extension for browser client application. 
  4. Benchmarking CTB-assisted SSL/TLS handshake duration

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Setting up and managing CTB Hyperledger Fabric Network on Amazon Web Services

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Hyperledger Fabric, Composer

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Graduate/Undergraduate student


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Full-time (40 hours a week for 12 weeks during the summer)

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Mahavir Jhawar, mahavir.jhawar@ashoka.edu.in, mahavir.jhawar@gmail.com

Deva Surya Vivek Madala, vivek.madala@ashoka.edu.in

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Harsh Jain, harshjniitr@gmail.com harsh-98

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