Hyperledger Aries

Project Health

The Aries Project transitioned to "Active" in the last quarter, reflecting the project's current community state. Lots of active discussion, activity and growth internally, and a lot of external interest in the project and artifacts from the deliverables.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

A discussion is happening email with Brian Behlendorfand leaders in the Ursa community about how to get an audit report on Ursa and it's use in Aries and Indy. That is progressing, but it's a tricky subject, so any help from the TSC on moving the effort forward would be appreciated.


Required: Regular software product releases are a sign of a healthy project. Reports should list the releases made since your last report, along with the release date of each. NOTE: If no releases were made, list the date of the most recent prior release.

The following releases occurred in the last quarter:

We expect that we'll get to designated "1.0.0" releases in the next few months for some of the sub-projects.

The Aries Agent Test Harness continued to evolve with the launch of a status page about the state of Aries interoperability – As well, a mechanism was added to allow for the testing of mobile agents using the Aries Agent Test Harness, so that interop between frameworks as issuers and verifiers and mobile agents as holders.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Per the Aries Activity Dashboard for the first quarter of 2021, Aries codebases had 696 commits in 549 PRs from 53 contributors.

Community participation is extremely active in rocketchat channels, community calls, and repo PR reviews and issues. Email lists are less frequently used.

Coordination with the DIF DIDComm working group is healthy, with regular reports being shared.

Project work in main repos is healthy and active.

Current Plans

Maintainer Diversity

Aries is a multi-codebase effort, and each codebase has its own set of maintainers. The diversity of maintainers closely matches contributors, with notes below.  Cross framework collaboration is increasing. For example, work is happening on interop testing capabilities across the Python, Go, .NET and JavaScript frameworks.

As interest in verifiable credentials has increased with COVID-19 use cases (proof of testing, proof of immunization and mobile medical workforces), interest and attendance has increased, as have deployments of Aries-based implementations.

Contributor Diversity

In addition to the code contribution statistics (above), here are a few indicators of our current diversity:

Additional Information

Related activity to Aries is occurring in DIF (Decentralized Identity Foundation), the Trust over IP Foundation, and especially in their Good Health Pass initiative, and in Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH).

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