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Overview of Proposal

This proposal will add a Dormant state to the project lifecycle. Notable differences from existing project lifecycle include:

  1. The addition of the Dormant state
  2. The ability to now move backwards in the project lifecycle (from Dormant back to Incubation)

Formal Proposal(s)

Modify the project lifecycle to include the Dormant state, with the following state changes (changes bolded):

The following description will be added to the Project Lifecycle document.

Dormant: Projects in the Dormant state are ones in which the normal functions are suspended or slowed down for a period of time. The TSC will make the decision as to whether a project will move to the Dormant state upon request. If Dormant projects become re-activated, they will re-enter the Incubation state even if they entered the Dormant state from Graduated state.

Action Items

Include any tasks here that need to be completed once the decision has been approved by the TSC

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