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* "PROPOSED" in Grey specifies that discussion is underway. 

* "READY FOR VOTE" in Blue specifies that the proposal has been finalized and is ready for the TSC to vote.

* "RESOLVED" in Green specifies that the decision was made by the TSC.

OutcomeUnanimously approved
Minutes Link28 JAN 2020

Overview of Proposal

In the quarterly report for Q2 2021, each project must report repos that do or don't have repolinter.json and are or are not using non-master branch as default.

Formal Proposal(s)

Projects must have repolinter.json in place as decided previously; and move from master to main as the default branch. These points will have to be addressed as part of the quarterly reports.

Action Items

Include any tasks here that need to be completed once the decision has been approved by the TSC

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