Hyperledger Besu

Project Health

Hyperledger Besu remains a strong project with a growing community network of contributors. This quarter the team has focused on fostering its community as well as many performance improvements, included in the Hyperledger Besu 1.5 Release, which was launched on July 15th. The team is currently building towards its 1.6 Release.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no issues at this point. The Hyperledger Besu team does have a question for the TSC:


Hyperledger Besu has completed eight bi-weekly patch releases (1.4.6 on 10 Jun, 1.5RC1 on 17 Jun, 1.5-RC2 on 30 Jun, 1.5 on July 15, 1.5.1 RC on 22 Jul, 1.5.1 on 29 Jul, 1.5.2 on 13 Aug, and 1.5.3 on 27 Aug)

Some functional improvements include:

Production-Ready Features:

Early Access Features:

Go to the Changelog for more details.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

A few high-level activities include:

As a part of participating in the Hyperledger community, the Besu team has participated in the community by:

Current Plans

  1. The project team remains currently working towards its 1.6 Release, scheduled for mid-October. The 1.6 Release is expected to include the following features:
    1. Berlin network upgrade preparation
    2. P2P improvements
    3. Performance improvements and testing for privacy groups
    4. Bonsai Tries
  2. Similar to last quarter, Besu is also continuing to engage with its community and grow the diversity of its maintainer and contributor base. The team is also looking forward to participating at the Hyperledger Member Summit.

Maintainer Diversity

Our maintainer diversity remained fairly consistent from the prior quarter.  We continue to have maintainers from four different organizations. 

The four organizations include:

The new maintainers this quarter include:

We had a one maintainer transition to Emeritus in the last quarter.

The maintainers breakdown is currently:

Contributor Diversity

Commits from 2020-06-08 to 2020-08-28 : 216

Committers from 2020-06-08 to 2020-08-28 : 26 (9 non-PegaSys)

Identified Orgs  2020-06-08 to 2020-08-28 : 5 + 4 independent

Additional Information

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