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Hyperledger Explorer

Project Health

Project health is green. We use all of the following to help keep project health green. Questions asked via rocket chat are being answered in a timely manner. For greater efficiency in this regard, the FAQ page is updated with every release.

Questions/Issues for the TSC

No issues currently.


v1.1.2 (13 Aug 2020)

v1.1.1 (17 Jul 2020)

v1.1.0 (01 Jul 2020)

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Discussions happened via rocket chat and questions are being answered on time.

We have added functionality to support the latest fabric v2.1 and v2.2 with v1.4.6 in the same codebase itself, making Hyperledger Explorer compatible with Amazon Managed Blockchain Network and reduce the container image size.

Added new features for User Management

Current Plans

Maintainer Diversity

We've had a few spot contributors added. No new maintainers were added. We really need the community to come forward and contribute.

Please find here the maintainers list.

Contributor Diversity

Current main contributors are from DTCC and Fujitsu. We have 4 unique contributors on Github and 6 unique reporters on JIRA in this quarter.

We have started conversation about Contribute-a-thon for Hyperledger Explorer project with David Boswell and Ry Jones

And we had some proposals for Hyperledger Explorer as below:

Additional Information

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