Hyperledger Burrow

Project Health

All maintainers and contributors have had less time to work on Burrow but it continues to be used and work proceeds at a reasonable pace, though slower in the last month or so. Given the world is on fire this state of affairs does not seem particularly surprising. Most notable is work on eWASM and Typescript client which is important foundation for future development. 

Questions/Issues for the TSC

We have issues reported with our documentation, some of which our minor, but we have limited to fix right now. I remain willing to work with anyone who is able to provide assistance here. To work through our tutorials with an impartial eye, and fix wrong or confusing information or flows. We put significant effort into raising the coverage of our docs and tutorials but never had time to do any user testing


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Had a significant bug fix from developer at CertiK with possibility of future collaboration. Quite a few important fixes and and continued issues.

Current Plans

eWASM support, IBC support

Maintainer Diversity


Contributor Diversity

Significant contribution from CertiK

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