Discussion items

5minProject Quarterly Report
  • Q2 project report has to be filed a few days prior 25th of June.
5min Git commit message compliance issues Git commit message linting is troublesome for a lot of people so we need to address it head on.
40minProject governance

For larger changes: open an issue first

Maintainer's policy: We don't have strong feelings about it, everybody's happy
to draw inspiration heavily from other project's such as Sawtooth. We aim to work
with the native features of Github as much as possible.

Road-map to be as public as possible. We do not want to surprise people.

Peter to put together the initial draft of version v0.2 (the list of things we want in there)

10OutreachAll maintainers should get involved in their local meetups (virtual or otherwise) and evangelize the project.
5Calendar, GMT time zone friendly contributor's call

We decided that on-demand, topic driven meeting scheduling is the best approach so as to ensure
that nobody wakes up or stays up late in vain for regularly scheduled calls that may or may not end
up having attendance from the time zones that they are designated for.

Recording 200601 Cactus Contributors Call.mp4

Action items