Discussion items





5minAntitrust notice

 5minIntroductions from new people to the call 


Discussion about

  1. An article, a paper, a blogpost
  2. Kelly's proposal for BPMN tools
  3. Sofia's proposal for DAML language for modelling
  4. First bicycle use case to define and draft
  5. SC Working Group's Scope
  6. Hyperledger Global Forum 2020

  1. Kelly's students will contribute to writing a whitepaper regarding smart contracts for supporting interoperability. A work plan has been crafted for this purpose here Whitepaper - Interoperability Supported by Smart Contracts in Hyperledger Framework so the rest of the WG can follow along
  2. The group will follow the BPMN models for describing the workflow 
  3. Sofia's proposal for using DAML will be complimentary to BPMN models
  4. The bicycle use case will be defined while writing the whitepaper. We have chosen this use case because it is a real-life scenario.
  5. A voting process will be contacted to define the WG's scope for the next quarter. The WG is more focused on producing papers, articles and blog posts. 
10minAnything not on the Agenda

Audio Recording