Use this guide when setting up a space for a new special interest group.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Enter Admin mode by clicking the gear in the upper right corner and selecting "General configuration".
  2. Log in using your credentials to enter Admin mode.
  3. Select the "Spaces" drop down from the top menu and select "Create space".
  4. Select "Blank space" from the dialog that pops up.
  5. Click "Next" to get to the space info page.
  6. Fill in the space name and space key and then click "Create" to create the space.
  7. Select the "Spaces" drop down from the top menu and select "Space directory".
  8. Find the space you just created and click on the "info" link on the right. It is an icon that looks like: ⓘ This will take you to the space permissions page.
  9. Click "edit" next to the "Categories" field and then add "special-interest-group" to signify that the space is a special interest group space.
  10. Go here: Set Space Permissions for Anon to read only and follow the instructions.
  11. Go to the home page of the Space and follow the instructions there.

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