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Hyperledger Avalon

Project Health

The Avalon project has grown well in its first quarter.  We are establishing community processes that include regular (every other week) meetings, JIRA, etc. We have completed direct model (JRPC), developed hello-world tutorial, improved project documentation, and added more use cases. Initial integration with Ethereum blockchain was completed. The focus is on integrating Hyperledger Fabric and porting Ethereum JAVA connector to PYTHON to improve code consistency. The team is evaluating options for separating key management from work order processing and on scalable worker orchestration. 

Questions/Issues for the TSC

There are no issues for the TSC at this time.


October 2019 - Release 0.4. This release was focused on baseline end-to-end functionality for direct model.

The plan for minor releases (0.5, 0.6, 0.7, ...) to be done roughly quarterly in 2020.

The team doesn't yet plan patch releases (e.g. 0.4.1, 0.4.2), but it may change in the near future to better capture intermediate progress.    

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Hyperledger Avalon transitioned from Hyperledger Lab - Trusted Compute Framework (TCF).

Avalon team participated in the following activities:

Current Plans

The Avalon project has several upcoming priorities:

Maintainer Diversity

Since Avalon is a new Hyperledger project, its maintainers is the same as it was when the project was hosted as TCF Hyperledger Lab. Based on the activity going within the Avalon community and our current plans we anticipate that the maintainers list will be extended by release 0.5 after more community members make substantial contributions to the project. 

Contributor Diversity

Avalon includes active contributors from five organizations. The Avalon Developer Forum calls we established every other week during last quarter have been well attended by members from different organizations. We are reaching out to all original Avalon project sponsors and we also see members joining the community from organizations that have not been on the original project sponsor list.

We will present Avalon workshop at the Hyperledger Global Forum in the spring of 2020 to attract additional contributors to the project. We also plan to utilize EEA,  Hyperledger meet-ups, and other industry venues to bring more contributes to the project. 

Additional Information

None at this time.

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