Possible values:

* "PROPOSED" in Grey specifies that discussion is underway. 

* "READY FOR VOTE" in Blue specifies that the proposal has been finalized and is ready for the TSC to vote.

* "RESOLVED" in Green specifies that the decision was made by the TSC.

Minutes Link2019 09 05 TSC Minutes

Overview of Proposal

See Project Lifecycle Task Force Issue 2

Formal Proposal(s)

Prior to bringing a project to the TSC for a vote on granting a First Major Release a project must fulfill the following criteria: 

  1. Project has reached active status (the processes and community are mature)
  2. The release features substantially fulfill the project's charter
  3. The release satisfies criteria defined by the project itself. All projects should meet some internally defined non-functional release criteria (bug counts, performance, etc.)
    1. Test coverage (unit and functional/integration) is sufficient to have confidence that the release supports the non-functional criteria
    2. Maintainers have reviewed all remaining open bugs and agree on severity/priority
    3. Zero high or highest priority bugs remain open
    4. The preceding release candidate has been published for a minimum period of time of 2 weeks
    5. The release should not require users/operators to compile code to operate the base project on supported platforms
    6. The documentation is sufficient to ensure that users/operators have clear guidance on how to get started and how to configure and operate.
  4. The project has met all technical criteria for the release.
    1. The project has met all the criteria for CII Best Practices Badge Best Practices Badge,
    2. A security audit provided by Hyperledger was completed
      1. no bugs that affect security of the system remain open unless they have mitigating workarounds published in release notes
      2. crypto code included in the release has been audited for crypto export compliance
    3. A license scan was completed and all issues were resolved, including receiving an exception from the legal committee.
    4. Changelog of all commits is generated and published.
    5. Release notes generated and published.

Action Items

Include any tasks here that need to be completed once the decision has been approved by the TSC