Hyperledger Besu

Project Health

Besu is strong and growing. This quarter Besu has prioritized switching to the Hyperledger tools and growing its community. Besu has been successful on both fronts while also delivering its 1.3 Release in October 2019.

Questions/Issues for the TSC


Besu has released one minor version update (1.3, 3 Oct) and six bi-weekly patch releases (1.2.4 on 23 Sep and 1.3.1 through 1.3.5 on 15 Oct, 22 Oct, 5 Nov, 5 Nov, and 20 Nov respectively).

Major functional improvements include

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Hyperledger Besu was fully transitioned from a PegaSys project to a Hyperledger project this quarter.

As a part of joining the Hyperledger community, the Besu team has participated in the community by:

Current Plans

The Besu project team has several upcoming priorities:

  1. The project team is currently working towards its 1.4 Release, scheduled for February 2019. The 1.4 Release is expected to include the following features:
    1. Multi-tenancy
    2. End to end TLS on network protocols
    3. Public network hard forks (Muir Glacier and Aztalan potentially)
  2. The Besu team is also focusing on finalizing and publishing performance metrics with its work on Hyperledger Caliper. Besu was successfully integrated with Caliper in Q4 and the team is now in the process of testing various scenarios for Caliper. We think publishing these performance metrics will help provide the community additional context on the project’s useability for a variety of use cases.
  3. Besu is also continuing to engage with its community and grow the diversity of its maintainer and contributor base. The Besu team is hoping to continue to grow attendance for its bi-weekly contributor calls to grow engagement across contributors.

Maintainer Diversity

Our maintainer diversity is growing.  Early next week we should have maintainers representing three different organizations.

Our process for adding Maintainers was featured on the Hyperledger Blog as a best practice for a maintainer governance process -

100% of current maintainers made a contribution this quarter.

Contributor Diversity

Since the Besu project was approved by the TSC into the Hyperledger community at the end of August 2019, there have been a total of 39 code contributors.

Additionally, there have been content contributions in the community, including technical content enablement materials.

Additional Information

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