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OutcomeUnanimously approved
Minutes Link2020 02 13 TSC Minutes

Overview of Proposal

Hyperledger would benefit from a common repo structure which presents the same elements consistently. This includes:

Formal Proposal(s)

Adopt repolinter with a policy as in Fabric PR#630. Each repo will add the same repolint.json file and the CA team (or preferably CI) will periodically run a check to ensure projects are in compliance. Additionally, we should establish a template repository that has LICENSE, NOTICE, CoC and Security default files.

$ npx repolinter ../hyperledger/fabric
npx: installed 60 in 3.726s
Target directory: /Users/cbf/dev/hyperledger/fabric
Ruleset: repolint.json
Linguist Axiom: Linguist not found in path, only running language-independent rules
Target directory: /Users/cbf/dev/hyperledger/fabric
✔ notice-file-exists: found (NOTICE)
✔ license-file-exists: found (LICENSE)
✔ readme-file-exists: found (
✔ contributing-file-exists: found (
✔ code-of-conduct-file-exists: found (
✔ changelog-file-exists: found (
✔ security-file-exists: found (
⚠ support-file-exists: not found: ({docs/,.github/,}SUPPORT*)
✔ readme-references-license: File contains license
✔ binaries-not-present: Excluded file type doesn't exist (**/*.exe,**/*.dll,!node_modules/**)
✔ test-directory-exists: found (test-pyramid.png)
✔ integrates-with-ci: found (.github/workflows/trigger.yml)
⚠ code-of-conduct-file-contains-email: File doesn't contain email address
⚠ github-issue-template-exists: not found: (ISSUE_TEMPLATE*, .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE*)
✔ github-pull-request-template-exists: found (.github/
✔ license-detectable-by-licensee: Licensee identified the license for project: Apache-2.0

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