Application Steps 

Step 1: review eligibility

The Hyperlegder Mentorship Program is aimed at providing a structured and guided learning opportunity for college and university students interested in becoming open source contributors to the Hyperledger community. We welcome students enrolled in accredited higher education institutions across the globe to apply (some restrictions may apply). Please first review the eligibility requirements to determine if you're eligible to apply. 

Step 2: discover projects

Carefully review the 18 Hyperledger mentorship projects that are open for applications in 2020 and identify which project(s) you're interested in.

Each applicant may apply for multiple but no more than THREE projects. We recommend that you focus your effort on 2 projects and submit a quality application for those two projects.   

Step 3: contact mentor(s)

This step is optional. Feel free to contact the mentor(s) for the projects that you are interested in to learn more and to clarify any information that's unclear to you.

Step 4: prepare application materials

Besides collecting standard demographic and contact information on the application, we will ask you to upload your resume, a cover letter, and proof of enrollment (college transcript, or a scan of student ID, or letter of admissions offer for those who are graduating from high school). The cover letter will ask you to address the following questions:

Remember, your cover letter should demonstrate not only you're qualified but also passionate about becoming active contributors and future leaders in the Hyperledger open source community through this experience. 

Step 5: apply on CommunityBridge

CommunityBridge, developed by The Linux Foundation, of which Hyperledger is part of, is the portal where the Hyperledger mentorship projects are listed and mentee applications will be taken.

Please review detailed application instructions that may further assist your application on CommunityBridge.


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