Phase 1: Learn about other projects

Step 0: Mix & Partition (10 min)

Break into groups of 4-8 ppl where each group contains at least two different projects.

Step 1: Cross-pollination white boarding (45 min)

Each project explains their project’s design to the others.

Reconvene everyone and give a quick round table where each group says one thing they learned about each project?

Step 2: Contribution process (20 min?)

As a precursor to the next activity, one member of each project briefly outlines the contribution process for her project.

(e.g. Sawtooth: meaningful Chris Beam commit message, …; Fabric: jira, commit with jira ID, …)

Step 3: Mini-bug stomp (2 hrs?)

Each participant has brought a couple bugs or small enhancement areas.

Using the same groups, pair up to submit a PR to each project in that group (e.g. Fabric maintainers submit to Iroha, and Iroha submits a PR to Fabric).

Step 4: Recap (30 min?)

What was good or bad about the other project's PR process?

What process step would be good you take from another project or remove from yours?

Phase 2: Cross-project hacking

Step 0: Grouping

(Keeping in the same groups? Or reshuffle groups?)

Step 1: Cross-project brainstorm (30 min?)

Create a short list (1-3) of bite sized integration projects for tomorrow.

May use some of the ideas already on the wiki agenda brainstorm list.

Step 2: Pitch (60 min?)

Each group pitches their ideas to the whole assembly.

Select activities and form hacking teams.

Step 3: Hack (Half-day / full-day)?

Break after some period and do a direction check.

Step 4: Recap

Capture learnings/outcomes/etc.