1. Taxonomy discussion update
    1. Introduction
      1. Alsu is leading the development of the taxonomy
      2. She works for UK Finance which is the UK government export credit agency
    2. Intention of the document
      1. The aim is to ensure the adoption of a taxonomy that helps to communicate and run the group effectively
      2. These items can then be evolved
    3. Section 1; overview of trade finance industry
      1. What distributed ledgers have been created and are in use today?
      2. What do these solutions bring and what are the general capabilities of blockchain in the trade finance arena?
      3. What are the processes that are the processes that these solutions support
    4. Section 2; Challenges and. Risks
      1. Define the technical capabilities of Hyperledger fabric
      2. What common standards are needed?
      3. Decentralising control vs. centralised control
      4. Scale of potential benefits
    5. Section 3. Industry collaboration
      1. What collaboration platforms exist?
      2. What does each of them do?
    6. Section 4. Migration
      1. Internal transaction and encrypted data
      2. Data protection and regulation
      3. Data privacy and cyber security
    7. Section 5.
      1. Case studies.  Summarise the ones we have seen.
    1. How would this fit with the work that has already been done?
      1. The first two chapters should be able to incorporate some of this and then case studies should go a bit deeper than that
    2. Where do we define the taxonomy?
      1. Bobbi has added the topics from the discussion into the wiki page (which she did while we were talking!)
      2. There is a standard structure for a white paper which is on the same page
    3. How do we divide this work to make it possible to do?
      1. Vipin from the Capital Markets SIG has done some taxonomy work which he will share
      2. Will is going to circulate a link to the taxonomy outline to members of the group to look for volunteers to work on this material.
      3. Alsu suggested that we "pair" on items and have two people to work on each item.
    4. Bobbi noted that the global forum deadline is closing in 10 days. This seems like a close deadline for completing this work.
  3. AoB
    1. Bobbi pointed to an interesting article about JP information network; https://www.jpmorgan.com/global/treasury-services/IIN?mc_cid=e444dd0f1f&mc_eid=6534d672d6