Every quarter (or as needed), Hyperledger issues a press release announcing new members. We always aim for the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month, but please wait to confirm on the exact date to align with the team in U.S. Regardless, all new member press releases are issued at 8am EST.

We give all General level new members the opportunity to submit a quote for the press release. Associate members do not get this perk but are just merely mentioned in the press release. 

We send out an email to each new General member individually welcoming them after an onboarding email and explaining that they are allowed to submit a quote at the start of the second week of the month. We allow them about a week to return approved quotes. At this time, Marketing sends an email asking them for a company logo to be included on our website once the announcement is live. During this time, we also ask Brian Behlendorf for a quote to support the press release.

Once all quotes are received, and the content is finalized, we send the final press release to all the participating members two days before it is issued. This is for them to review their company name, URL and quote. They must let us know about any major issues or edits. Once we hear back from them, we queue the press release for distribution on PR Newswire. 

Here’s an example of a previous new member announcement:

These are the items we ask of a new member: 

  1. QUOTE - Please submit a quote for consideration to be used in the press release if you'd like to be included. As part of your quote, please make sure to include the name and title of the spokesperson for the quote should. 
  2. URL - Please submit a URL link to your company website for us to link with your company name in the official release.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA - Please send your company's social media handle you'd like us to use in promoting the news of your Hyperledger membership.
  4. LOGO - Please provide a high-res logo in either .ai or .eps format as soon as possible. We would like to add it to both Hyperledger Members and Linux Foundation Members when your membership is publicly announced.
  5. PROMOTION - You may publish or distribute your own blog post or press release, and we encourage you to do so BUT, please send your drafted content to the Hyperledger pr team at at least 48 hours before the release date. And please plan to issue your release or post after we make the announcement at 8:00 a.m. ET.