1. Daniel Bluhm Evernym
  2. Santanu Mukherjee Blockchain in supply chain
  3. Randy Zhang Working on Identity for contractors with DiDS
  4. Steve Magennis
  5. Adam Stallard
  6. Kumaravel N
  7. Vipin Bharathan,

After the Antitrust Policy reading and Introductions

We spoke about the Identity Implementers call: Daniel Bluhm went over the call

The following projects were discussed during the  Implementers call

Details of the CI CD pipeline for Indy are to be found in

These are lower level details.

Vipin Bharathan touched upon the importance of such processes for the integrity of processes and hence for the larger goal of privacy and regulatory compliance.

The CICD pipeline provides assurance about newly inserted code, using objective measurement standards.

 We started talking of voting using the Blockchain,

Steve Magennis said that there may be a smaller context of voting for consortium rule changes, or just plain consensus before moving into the  larger world world of general elections

Vipin Bharathan said that he will put in links to a blockchain election skeptics presentation from Real World Crypto, however slides from Matt Blaze's talk with skepticism on Blockchain voting is not publicly available.  

We looked at the Aadhaar section of the paper, there is some controversy about the efficacy and privacy of aadhaar, is it a tool for better service delivery or a surveillance tool or both.

We will look further into developments about government digital ID systems; including mission creep- overreach by corporations or the government, rewrite the section to reflect the latest developments and the sentiment around Aadhaar. Compare and contrast to other schemes like MAS, developments in consumer protection like GDPR, CCA and even New York State's new privacy law which is still being developed.

@Adam Stallard is very interested in voting.