2019 Q1 Hyperledger Cello


Project Health

Project health is largely the same as in previous update. We are making a very large architectural design change (support consortium governing), and there are many (10+) participants in the weekly meeting and actively discuss new issues.


There are no major issues at this time. But definitely it would be nice to have more diversity.


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Current Plans

Work ItemEffort (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13)Priority
Use new framework to unify all the api interface, separated from operator dashboard13High
Unified development framework for operator & user dashboard8Medium

Organize fabric network dynamically in free mode

Add fabric network metrics monitor13Low
Support fabric 1.4 and later version8Medium

Maintainer Diversity

Current there are 4 maintainers, and those active developers who contribute to cello continuously (3 month) will be nominated.

Contributor Diversity

We received many feature requests and bug reports from both large and small companies, such as H3C.

Additional Information

Developers still consider to support more blockchain types like sawtooth, it will be planed after 1.0 release.

Cello projects will send two maintainers to attend the HK bootcamp, and welcome to come to drop advices.

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