Hyperledger Caliper

Project Health

Caliper continues to grow and mature.In the past quarter, one of many contributors has grown the maintainer according to his great efforts. There were still many consulting questions in rocket chat and issues,most of which were well answered.Besides that, Caliper intern also participated in the project development and is in charge of Caliper visualization.


There are no major issues at this time.


Caliper npm packages and fixed API is on the way. After that, Caliper plans to release alpha version.

Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

During the past Quarter, 30 issues have been closed, 41 PRs have been reviewed and merged. Now the project has 290+ stars and 180+ forks.Thanks every contributor's efforts. Below are some main updates in the past 3 months:

Current Plans

Real time charts


Various reports generation


Integrate with Grafana


Metrics extension


Docker image


Maintainer Diversity

Now the maintainers are from Huawei,Budapest University and IBM.

Contributor Diversity

There are 25 contributors from various companies/organisations such as Huawei, IBM, Intel, Soramitsu, Budapest University, Monax and the university of Oregon. And we are connecting with several companies now to try to attract more contributors.

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