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Technical Working Group China

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Working Group Health

Overall, it's on-going as planed.

In this quarter, TWGC's major work includes 4 areas: Development & Innovation, i18n & Education, Collaboration & Scenarios, Event Organizations. There are steady progress for each area.


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

TWGC held regularly bi-weekly meeting, one session cancelled during Spring Festival, averagely 20 participants attended.

More volunteers contribute in community projects, such as fabric, sawtooth, indy and ursa.

Documentation of fabric 1.4 will be finished soon (80+% done in github repo), fabric v2.0's doc is started too.  New platform transifex is evaluated with good feedbacks. 

8 meetups are organized at different cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, Changsha, Hangzhou.

Planned Work Products

Document translation, volunteer engagement, meetup events, TWGC planned to host various events from meetups to round-table discussions. 

Participant Diversity

Over all, the diversity is good in geography. We have members from cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hongkong.

1 new core volunteer (Yang Cheng) is nominated and accepted.

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