2019 Q2 Hyperledger Cello


Project Health

Project health is largely the same as in previous update. The community is making  changes to make Cello more of a production ready tool. Features and capabilities are now more based on common use cases and behaviors of the Blockchain applications. Weekly meetings often see 10+ participates and often run over the allocated 30 minutes due to discussions and questions. In some cases, very well run pass 1 hour mark.


There are no major issues at this time.


Overall Activity in the Past Quarter

Current Plans

Use new framework to unify all the user interface panelsHigh

Organize and manage fabric network dynamically

Adopt the Interop working group channel expansion methodLow
Support fabric 1.4 and later version (if using ansible agent, this is done already)Medium

Maintainer Diversity

Current there are 4 maintainers, and those active developers who contribute to cello continuously (3 month) will be nominated.

Contributor Diversity

Contributions to the projects maintain the similar rate as Q1. Lot of discussions on bringing user management components from a third party which already has the function in their product.

Additional Information

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