Digital representation of assets, both physical and non-physical, is one of the most important advents of blockchain technology.  This group specifically focuses on the development and implementation of tokenized assets as a part of the Hyperledger ecosystem.


This group focuses specifically on fungible and non-fungible tokens and their use as pure digital assets and digital asset representatives.

Work Products

The anticipated initial work products will include (but is not limited to):

Collaborators (other groups)

This working group will collaborate with other Hyperledger working groups, the TSC, Linux Foundation staff, and the project maintainers.

Please provide any specific working groups or projects that this working group will immediately collaborate with.

Interested Parties

The following individuals have already expressed an interest in joining this working group, and we hope they will become contributors over the first year:

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Proposed Chair

The following individual has volunteered to serve as the initial chair for the working group:

James Diorio & Evelyn Hytopoulos

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