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The Wiki Page is the entry point to the Galaxy of Hyperledger. Our team keeps a Resource Library of Hyperledger Projects and Tools, Use Cases, Key Terms, Learning Materials for Special Interest Groups and Working Groups, Templates, Meetups, Labs, Marketing, and News. As well as a sinopsis of current events, announcements, community events, requirements for Best Practice Badges, GitHub resources. We proof-read edX Blockchain courses for Linux Foundation (Hyperledger). We have 50+ registered and recorded meeting agendas.

We want to identify and contact potential allies to link our inner Hyperledger Universe with the rest of the world. We need scouts to explore, register and map the outer territories beyond our community.

For additional information, please look at:

Learning Materials Development Working Group

Project Description on LMDWG page


  • We want to initiate a Decentralised Global Directory of DLT / Blockchain Educational Opportunities, that engages a Community to build and maintain it, and to develop a Tool Kit that supports this collaboration.
  • We envision five core activities:
    • Taxonomy Generation for Educational Opportunities.
    • Questionnaire for Meetups, SIGs and WGs.
    • Web Crawler and scraper for scraping learning resources.
    • Curatorship for the existing wiki by learning materials group.
    • Knowledge Graph of the taxonomy.
  • The above five activities are repeated in a iterative fashion, as we iterate over, we take forward the learnings from the past iteration and come up with fine refinements to the existing results.
  • At the end of this mentorship, we will have achieved the following:
    • A simple, but strong and representative, version of our Directory.
    • A small, but geographically extended, working community.
    • A basic set of tools to support collaboration.
    • A final report and a blog covering the process.
    • A knowledge graph of the taxonomy.

Mentor and Mentees.

Mentor Name: Alfonso Govela Thomae

Timezone: America/Merida CDT (UTC-5)


LFX Profile Link: Alfonso Govela

Mentee Name: Yang Zhenming

Timezone: CST (UTC+8)


LFX Profile Link: Yang Zhenming

Yang Zhenming had to halt his work on this mentorship project due to medical reasons.
This happened just after the mid term evaluation. 
He will not be able to work for the later half of this mentorship project.

Mentee Name: Amit Chaudhari

Timezone: IST (UTC+5:30)


LFX Profile Link: Amit Chaudhari

Communication Channels:

  • Best use of Hyperledger communication channels
    • Wiki
    • Chat
    • Mailing lists
    • GitHub
  • Weekly meetings, Mondays
    • 8:00 Mexico, CDT (UTC-5)
    • 18:30 India (UTC+5:30)
    • 21:00 Beijing (UTC+8)


  • A simple, but strong and representative, version of our Directory.
  • A taxonomy of Educational Opportunities specific to DLT
  • A small, but geographically extended, working community.
  • A basic set of tools to support collaboration.
    • Knowledge graph generator.
    • Web crawler to help find Learning opportunities faster.
  •  A final report and a series of blog covering the process of scouting for learning opportunities.
  •  A knowledge graph of the taxonomy.


1st Eval (end of week 3)

  • First version of taxonomy
  • First version of questionnaire

2nd Evaluation (end of week 6)

  • First version of a web crawler
  • First version of a knowledge graph
  • Gather Feedback from chairs and co-chairs of SIG's and WG's
  • Slide deck and video from meeting in Hyperledger channels

3rd Evaluation (end of week 9)

  • Evaluation of process and results
  • Second version of:
    • Web crawler
    • Taxonomy
    • Knowledge Graph
    • Questionnaire

4th Evaluation (end of week 12)

  • Third version of Taxonomy, Questionnaire.
  • If needed third version of Web crawler, Knowledge Graph and the toolkit
  • Final Taxonomy of Educational Opportunities
  • Final Directory Documentation


  • Weeks 1 - 2
    • Definition of Plan.
    • Creating a Project Plan.
    • Searching for References.
  • Weeks 3 - 4
    • First version of Taxonomy
      • Places of learning
      • Fields of education
      • Levels of education
      • Skills and competencies
      • Standards and evaluation
      • Certificates
    • First version of Questionnaire
      • Enumerate Questions
      • Channels
      • Storage of results
    • First presentation of Project and Questionnaire
      • Slide deck
      • Short video, 2 mins.
      • Contact support of Hyperledger
        • David Boswell for Meetups
        • Chairs and Co-Chairs of SIGs and WGs
      • Round of presentations
        • Posting of Slide deck and video in Hyperledger channels
  • Weeks 4 - 6
    • First version of Web Crawler
      • Repository of results
      • Analysis of results
    • First round of Questionnaire
      • Repository of results
      • Analysis of results
    • First version of Knowledge Graph
      • Generating the Knowledge Graph
      • Analysis of the Knowledge Graph
    • Second presentation of Project with results from Web Crawler and  Questionnaire
    • First curatorial review of Taxonomy
    • First review of Tool Kit development
  • Weeks 7 - 8
    • Second version of Web Crawler
    • Second round of Questionnaire
    • Second curatorial review of Taxonomy
    • Second review of Tool Kit development
    • Second version of Knowledge Graph
  • Weeks 9 - 10
    • Evaluation of process and results
    • Additional steps to take for Taxonomy, Questionnaires, Web Crawler, and  Curatorial work
    • Third version of Web Crawler
  • Weeks 11 - 12
    • Third presentation of Project results
    • Final documentation
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