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Our members are unified behind a single mission but spread across the globe. Click below to meet some of our members, learn about what they are working on and what is motivating them to take part in building an open global climate accounting system.

How to Make Your Videos

You can make a video with your mobile phone, tablet, Windows computer (using the Windows 10 Camera app - see instructions), Mac (using Quicktime - see instructions), Linux (using Cheese - see instructions.) 

Then upload to your Youtube account.

Finally on this page, use the Widget Connector to add it to this page by first clicking on the "+" in the menu bar and choosing "Other macros":

Then look for the Widget Connector.  You can do it by searching for "youtube':

Finally put in your URL:

Note that you need to use a URL that starts with not the one that starts with

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  1. I've archived this page for now, once we we get a couple of videos on it, I'll move it to active.