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Administrators / End Users

Decision Makers and End User Guide: Working Copy

Client Application developers (Platform Specific)

Smart contract developers

Hyperledger Platform Developers

simple and straightforward for decision makers to read/understand as they were attempting to understand this new technology.  use some of the other whitepapers that the other working groups have already created:
[1] An Introduction to Hyperledger - Whitepaper WG
[2] Hyperledger Architecture, Volume 1: Introduction to Hyperledger Business Blockchain Design Philosophy and Consensus - Architecture WG
[3] Hyperledger Architecture, Volume 2: Smart Contracts - Architecture WG
[4] Hyperledger Blockchain Performance Metrics White Paper - Performance and Scalability WG
[5] Sawtooth: An Introduction - Sawtooth community
[6] Fabric: An Introduction - Fabric community

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