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  •   TSC nominations.
    • Nominees must submit a one page bio and pitch for why they wish to be a member of the TSC.
  •   TSC election.
    • Those eligible to vote will cast their vote via the Condorcet system.
  •  The TSC winners are announced.
  •  The new TSC chairperson nominations.
  •  —  The new TSC members elect a chairperson.
  •  The TSC chairperson is announced.


The Hyperledger Charter §4.a.ii defines the technical steering committee.

  • Steady State: After the Startup Period, there shall be a nomination and election period for electing Contributors or Maintainers to the TSC. The TSC voting members shall consist of eleven (11) elected Contributors or Maintainers chosen by the Active Contributors. An Active Contributor is defined as any Contributor who has had a contribution accepted into the codebase during the prior twelve (12) months. The TSC shall approve the process and timing for nominations and elections held on an annual basis.
  • Maintainers: Contributors who have the ability to commit code and contributions to a project’s main branch on an HLP project. A Contributor may become a Maintainer by a majority approval of the existing Maintainers.
  • Contributors: Anyone in the technical community that contributes code, documentation or other technical artifacts to the HLP codebase.


Q: How are the technical contributors found?

A: This tool is run against "all" and "labs"

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