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We had some active discussions regarding the release with active members of the HL community. Our maintainer attended HK Bootcamp and through that we've met HK HL Community and are having a remote meetup with them in a week, on April 24. Questions are being replied to in chats so more people could use Iroha in their work. We receive many questions about SDKs nowadays. 

We also fixed DCO issue that was blocking the release of 1.0 and had a HL Iroha meetup in Tokyo! 

Current Plans

Release the production-ready version is a #1 goal for the team at the moment. We hope it will bring us new users and new contributors, make our community stronger. Projects built on Iroha are also being released into production-ready which leads us to new challenges in features. The plan for the nearest future is to make Iroha fully BFT and then start working on custom commands. Moreover, the following features are planned: include support for Ursa library, improve the granularity of permission model, introduce TLS node-node and client-node encryption, support for consistent network-wide configuration parameters stored in the ledger, stateful validation of genesis block, statistics API.

Maintainer Diversity

No changes were made though we will be changing the maintainers list after the release, clarifying some rules for becoming a maintainer, which might help us diversify the community.