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  • Discuss results of surveysurvey 
  • Next steps on decision framework 

Discussion items



(Actual 0 mins)

Review Previous NotesSatarupa Bose
  • Review AIs from last meeting
  • Did not cover this due to low attendance
25min (Actual 15 mins)Discuss survey resultsAll
  • Takeaway from survey results
  • (
    Responses indicate more or less consensus on a comprehensive effort to delve into use cases that cover payor-provider-patient and generate detailed work products. Next logical step appears to be to get more detail on the work products elaborating on the last two questions in the survey. Vaibhav and Satarupa will collaborate on a enquiry style survey to get narrative responses.
15mins (Actual 5 mins)Decision Paper Next StepsAll
  • Link to the initial paper
  • Need clarifications on the following
    1. What is the process for approval and publication of whitepaper by Hyperledger
    2. What are the constraints on contributing expertise (for those employed by payors) as well as usage of resulting IP (by all participants)
    3. Is there a plan to create a version of the whitepaper for the payor industry


(Actual 1 min)

Re-Cap and Next StepsAll
  • Action items captured below
  • Next Meeting - Mar 5th 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST


  •  @Jeff to review and share your final thoughts // March first week.
  •  Raveesh Dewan add the information from Alan to these meeting mins.  
  •  @Alan - Review the document from Logan and share his thoughts  
  •  Satarupa Bose  - Create a survey to capture ideas : (Step 1: Crowd source survey questions until   )
  •  Satarupa Bose - Step 2: Send out survey  
  •  Satarupa Bose and Vaibhav Patil - Create an enquiry style survey to elaborate on the work products from the previous survey