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The Decarbonization (deCO2) DAO puts together the DAO Project, the Emissions Tokens Network Project, the Supply Chain Decarbonization Project,and the Oil & Gas Methane Emissions Reduction Project to create real climate action that decarbonizes the key transportation and energy sectors.


  • Scope 3 emissions calculation based on travel, shipping, and supply chain
  • A more user-friendly web and mobile dApp
  • Collectively determining the actual carbon intensity of fuels produced, based on the producers' level of methane and Scope 1 and 2 emissions.  This will require going through and analyzing multiple sources of company reported, satellite, and third party data.
  • Long-term staking for tokens for low carbon fuels
  • Tokenizing true sustainable low carbon fuels, such as biodiesel and aviation fuels, which do not cause deforestation, food stress, and water use.
  • A DAO community focused on serious issues such as how to decarbonize, whether low carbon fuels are valid climate claims, and what (if any) offsets should be included.

How Will this DAO Work?

There are a lot of different viewpoints on climate out there, so how do we know which one is true?

The goal of this DAO is to arrive at "the truth" collectively based on the members' reputation.

Each member who joins the DAO will receive a fixed amount reputation tokens.  You can earn more reputation tokens by providing quality work, such as providing your input about a topic.  Or you can delegate your reputation tokens to someone else to add reputation to their work.

The DAO will pull together all the inputs on a topic and their respective authors.  Some of these may come from sources who are not DAO members right now, such as company reports, other open source projects, third party research, etc.  

The DAO will then aggregate the reputation votes for each and use it to arrive at a collective answer.