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  • Working groups still have low engagement and support outside meetings, and will need more commitment to arrive towards milestones and products. 
  • Meetings oscillate in 12-20 in attendance and don't go up very much, or at least we don't get many new members that are consistently joining. 
  • The group identifies that solid proof use cases are essential to convincing people from the open-source community to get engaged and also to collaborate with other institutions and cooperations. The SIG is currently looking for guidance on how to create use cases.

List of planned work productsnext steps

  • Carbon neutrality certificate concept and MVP
  • Climate standards mapping exercise
  • Sherwood could you provide some information about the supply chain project here, please?
  • Si could you provide some information about your planned next steps here, please?
  • The group will publish a blog post featuring all guest presentations throughout the year 2021.
  • The group started piloting with POAPs and iterate closely together with the community architects of Hyperledger. The first meeting badge has already been created and is at