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  • Aries Mobile Agent Summit Update
    • 2021-11-16 Aries Summit Session (recording present)
    • Reviving the Community Coordinated Update to move away from Connections to OOB Invitations. Target Date: Dec 31, 2021
    • Deep Linking - James to do science on a combination of custom scheme and redirection with fallback.
      • community hosted selector page
    • HTTP DIDComm endpoints. adding a SHOULD to use https over http to resolve mobile dev exceptions over HTTP resources in mobile apps.
    • Next Week: 
      • 2021-11-23 Aries Summit Session
      • Mobile Infrastructure (2)
        • Mobile Verifiers
        • Device Recovery (Backup/Restore/Sync/Rotation to new keys)
        • Secure Element usage
        • SDK / Embedding Agents into existing Mobile Apps
  • Cardea Project Update