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  • Antitrust Policy Notice
  • Welcome new members, including new member introductions
  • Presentation from Bitlumens: IoT and blockchain to facilitate the scaling of green technologies in rural communities
    • Bitlumens facilitates the scaling of renewable technologies using a last generation smart meter and the blockchain. We do this by working with PV mini grids in rural areas with intermittent or no access to electricity. Our main market is India because the digitalization of the energy sector is happening fast and is being backed by the government. This provides a good test ground for the application of carbon budgeting and trading.  Our platform combines Internet of Things (IoT) and the blockchain, where we provide security, verification and traceability of data. Through survey and IoT data we provide a credit score and a carbon credit to each household. These calculations are stored on chain to be accessed by permissioned stakeholders. We believe that the involvement of stakeholders in carbon reduction from the very beginning of a project fosters investment flows towards renewable generation in rural communities.

  • Updates / needs from CA2SIG Working Groups
  • To discuss: Can Open discussion: How can blockchain help companies with better CSR goal reporting? -a question that came up at the Hyperledger Global Forum